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The RadioWallet is our answer to an ongoing requests from our customers: a padded box to carry your handheld radio or handheld electronic devices and a few accessories while traveling  When you leave home, you might have your handheld on your belt, but the charger, the extra antennas,  the frequency lists, and extra battery end up scattered throughout the car or the luggage. Well, here is a place where it can all be stored in an compact, easy to carry case.

Radio Wallet - padded zippered case with nylon divider for your handheld electronic devices


The RadioWallet comes in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of radios. It is well constructed of padded, heavy-duty nylon with all of the edges fully finished for strength and durability. When you look inside, you'll see that your days of scratched and rubbed radio parts are at an end. There is a smooth padded divider pocket that separates the two halves of the case, giving you a way to protect all of your equipment. Put your radio on one side, the battery and charger on the other, and your important notes, along with an antenna and a pen, in the divider pocket in between. The case fits well in the hand. Both the small and the large Radio Wallet have adjustable hand straps. The small Radio Wallet has a sturdy spring-steel belt clip, covered in vinyl to protect your belt from scratches. The Mini-Radio Wallet has a snap hook.


Radio Wallet - padded zippered case with nylon divider for your handheld electronic devicesRadio Wallet - padded zippered case with nylon divider for your handheld electronic devices









Standard HI-32 RadioWallet
Both of these photos show the larger
HI-36 RadioWallet
Mini HI-V2 RadioWallet

This is our smallest RadioWallet, designed especially for mini and micro handheld radios, although it can also be a handy storage case for extra accessories, cell phones, or small electronics. Measuring 5"L x 2"H x 1"W, the Mini-RadioWallet is constructed of a laminate of waterproof leatherette, foam padding, and a silky nylon interior. It makes a great compact traveling case for any of the small modern radios such as the Yaesu VX-1, VX-2, VX-5 or VX-7, the ICOM IC-T90, or the Kenwood THF6A, to name a few.



Standard RadioWallet
Part # HI-32
7" x 4" x 2"
Price:    $29.95

Large RadioWallet
Part # HI-36
10" x 4" x 2"
Price:    $34.95

  Mini-Radio Wallet
Part # HI-V2
5" x 2" x 1"
Price:    $

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Last modified: 03/12/2017
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