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Automatic Low Battery Protector
Protects your PowerPort power supply, automotive or storage battery from running below the 11.2 V safe discharge level. For loads up to 10 amps. Plugs into your cigar plug outlet.
MW728 $27.95

Battery Isolator - 70 amps
Protects working batteries from starting batteries in your camper, boat, or emergency vehicle. Used for alternators producing up to 70 amps.
389-825 $39.99

Battery Isolator - 130 amps
Protects working batteries from starting batteries in your camper, boat, or emergency vehicle. Used for alternators producing up to 130 amps.
389-809 $67.15

Battery "Gas Gauge"
Test battery at the terminals for power remaining in battery. Describes power in 4 levels: full, 2/3, 1/3 and empty.
PPBT $14.95
Regulated DC-DC converter1.2 - 12V and up to 1000 mA
Multi-Tip / Multi-Voltage Adapter
Regulated DC to DC converter, regulated voltages: 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12 volts; up to 1000 milliamps; 6 standard dual polarity DC plugs,


PPMMDC $22.50

hp-6c small.jpg (17300 bytes)

6 C-Cell Battery Tray
Tray holds 6 standard C-Cell batteries for long shelf-life  backup for your Yaesu FT-817.
HP-6C $22.95
True Sine-Wave

PROsine 1000 and 1800 Inverters offer true sine-wave operation at a price that's little more than many modified sine-wave models.  You have your choice of 1,000 or 1,800 watt outputs; GFCI outlet or permanently-mounted models with internal transfer switches. Optional Remote ON/OFF Jack Kit allows you to relocate the control panel for more convenient use.
Click here for models available and pricing Prices range from $799.95 to $1219.95

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Last modified: 03/12/2017
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