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West Marine 2.0 Medical Kit

An economical kit that’s a great choice for short trips on land or sea. It’s packed entirely in waterproof bags, making it weatherproof and easy to find anything you’ll need for a medical emergency. Contains enough supplies for groups of 1–6 people. Includes a wide assortment of adhesive bandages, common over-the-counter medications and other wound-care essentials for cuts, burns and sprains.

bulletIntended Use: 2 day trips for 1–6 people
bulletNumber of Pieces: 73
bulletCase Size/Material: 420D nylon and 600D tarpaulin with durable water resistant coating, 7.5" x 5" x 4.25"
bulletContents Organization Method: Waterproof storage bags organized by injury
102-09526 $44.95
West Marine 5.0 Medical Kit

A comprehensive marine medical kit designed for water or land travel for groups up to eight people. Features include bandage scissors, eye-wash, and advanced wound care supplies, as well as basic first-aid, wound treatment, a SAM splint for limb injury, CPR/shock, and burn modules. Packed with the exclusive Easy Care First Aid Module System, this kit was designed for marine environments, but is equally applicable to land travelers. Contents meet or exceed Coast Guard regulations for small commercial passenger ships and fishing vessels and ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 4.08 for Monohulls and Multi-Hulls. Also includes A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Marine Medicine, by Eric A. Weiss and Michael Jacobs.

bulletIntended Use: Ten-day trip for 1–8 people
bulletNumber of Pieces: 172
bulletCase Size/Material: 420D nylon and 600D tarpaulin with durable water resistant coating, 9.5" x 8" x 5.75"
bulletContents Organization Method: Waterproof storage bags organized by injury
102-09542 $119.95
Adventure Medical - Series 1000 Medical Kit

The Marine Series 1000 is designed to provide the medical supplies you need for emergencies on Land or Sea when professional medical care can be reached within a 12 hour time period. Contains six modules including CPR instruments, fracture/sprain, medications, burns, bleeding and wound care.

The floating, foam padded case protects items and its abrasion-resistant, textured rubber bottom keeps case from sliding on wet surfaces. It's made of 420 denier nylon with durable, water-resistant coating and a water-resistant zipper to seal out moisture. Its reflective webbing makes the kit easy to spot quickly in the dark.

bulletNumber of Pieces: 330 Case Size/Material: 15" x 10" x 5.5"/420 denier nylon with durable, water-resistant coating
bulletContents: Six modules: CPR/Instruments, Fracture/Sprain, Medications, Burns, Bleeding, Wound Care


681-8488 $324.95
Adventure Medical - Heatsheet Survival Blanket

Survival and first-aid instructions are printed directly on the blanket - you will have them when you need them! It weighs nearly nothing and could save your life.

Reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat. Easy to open and fold. Flat shape makes it easy to pack. Size: 60" x 96" unfolded. Weight: 3oz.


266-9992 $9.95

A Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine

Adventurers have to be prepared. There are no quick stops at the emergency room when you are out to sea or deep in a forest. This comprehensive first aid guide is as great a help on Land as it is on the Sea. Anytime that you will be far from medical assistance, you will want to have this book in your basic gear.

Dr. Eric A. Weiss, MD, and Dr. Michael Jacobs, MD.
This medical guide emphasizes prevention and treatment of illnesses and injuries, with topics like CPR, wound management, submersion injuries and dive medicine. 286pp.



775-3908 $16.95
QuikClot® Sport Clotting Sponge

Stops moderate to severe bleeding until further medical help is available. Primarily developed for the military, QuikClot® is a chemically inert material that speeds coagulation of blood, resulting in a stable clot that stops bleeding significantly faster than conventional methods and is safe to leave on wounds until more advanced medical help arrives. A must for all first aid kits.

Quikclot® Sport, 25g Mesh Bag

Quikclot® Sport, 50g Mesh Bag



Nitrile Gloves - 10 Pack

Non-latex protection from blood and pathogens, essential for medical emergency situations. Comfortable and easy to slip on.







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