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Radio Box
shown with the ICOM-706

The RadioBox.  This case fits nearly all modern mobile radios, including (but not limited to) the Yasesu FT-991, Alinco DX-SR9,
 ICOM IC-706MK2G, or IC-7000, the Yaesu FT-100, SGC's  SG-2020,
 Yaesu FT-897 .
This padded case isolates and protects the radio and optional PowerPort power supply from all of the other gear that you need to carry in your pack.


Heavy duty, water resistant nylon exterior and a laminate of closed-cell foam and semi-rigid plastic to give superior protection to your equipment.


Quick release buckles give easy access to your radio or equipment.


Your radio or equipment can be secured in a number of different positions with adjustable dividers and Velcro straps.


The Radio Box has a padded divider that can separate your device from it’s power source. The divider is fully adjustable (or removable altogether) to accommodate different sized components.


Wire pass-through holes have fully finished edges and make connections a snap.


Interior Dimensions:  16½" L x 8¼"W x 3"D is designed to fit the new


RadioBox Part # HI-B2
Price - $38.95

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Radio Box shown carrying the ATX Walkabout antenna,
and in use, with the ICOM-706 with the PowerPort Power Kit (Part # HP-8A)


Radio Box High-Power 18 Amp hour PowerKit









f you already have a Radio Box, you may want to add this High -Power 18 amp hour Power Kit to your box to add more working time to your radio in the field. The kit includes an 18 amp hour gel cell battery, an overnight charger, and a power cable terminating in both a DC female cigar outlet, and secondary wire that can be customized to your radio's connection needs. When the 18 Ah battery is in the box, the remaining space for your radio or accessories measures 9¾"L x 7½"W x 3"D.

shipping will include an additional $8.95 for overweight shipping

Part # HPP-18A
Price: 118.95


UPGRADE to PowerPole connectors for your Radio Box High Power 18AH power kit ?
Anderson PowerPole connectors are becoming the standard for DC radio connections. If you would like to have this option rather than the bare secondary wire above, we offer this upgraded power connection cable. This is not available as a separate power harness, but only as an upgraded termination on the standard wiring harness that comes standard with the 18 amp hour power kit.

Part # PPT-RB
Price: 8.95



UPGRADE to a Fast Charge model?  If you want to recharge your battery FAST, this upgraded Radio Box High-Power Kit model uses a 4 amp automatic fast charger instead of the overnight charger offered above. It will recharge your 18 Ah battery in 3 hours from a fully discharged state. Part # HPP-18AF
Price: 186.95


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