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The Radio Glove is ON SALE - $5.00 OFF!!
fits nearly ALL modern HTs!


Protect your radio in style with our high quality, Radio Gloves for that custom fit, easy access, leather covered belt clip,  and a great look and feel.  From the tiny micro radios like the VX-2, VX-3, or the IC-P7A, to the medium micro, like the new IC-91A or IC-91AD, or  slightly larger ICOM IC-T81A, we have a pouch waiting for your radio.

Go to chart below to find the Radio Glove
that will provide the perfect fit for your handheld radio.

If you have a small Commercial Radio, please
review the Commercial Radio Chart below

The Details
that Make the Difference

Radio Glove


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Skillfully constructed of fine glove quality leather, these pouches are designed to both protect your radio, address some of the shortcomings of the standard pouches or belt clips, and look great while doing it. It shows quality in every stitch.

Leather Radio Glove - provides belt clip that is missing on the VX-3!

The smooth leather feels elegant, but has the durability to protect your radio through years of use. It will look great around your new Yaesu VX-8! Easy access to buttons and view screen. The spring steel, leather covered belt clip holds your radio very securely to your belt. This pouch solves your issues with the missing belt clip for the Yaesu VX-3. Several of the models, designed for newer radios such as the FT2DR, IC-T90, VX-5R, and VX-7R which have multiple antennae tips, have a handy pocket at the rear for antenna storage

This design is a classic for good reason - it does the job you expect with style that you could only hope for.

Radio Glove- leather radio pouch with belt clip and spare antenna pocket

The Radio Glove is the pouch of choice
for the


Click on your
Radio Model

or go to our
Leather Pouch Dimensions page to easily find the best fit for your radio or other handheld device such as cameras, cell phones, or other electronic devices.
ADI Alinco ICOM Kenwood Motorola Standard Yaesu Garmin
AT-201 DJ-C1T IC-P7A TH-F6A AXV 4100 C-108A FT-1DR e-TREX
AT-401 DJ-C4T IC-Q7 TH-K2AT AXV 5100 C-508A FT-11R  
PR-222 DJ-C5T IC-R2 IC-T7H BPR 40 C-510A FT-50RD  
PR-52 DJ-C7 IC-R5 T-720 CP 125   FT-41B  
  DJ-G7 IC-T8A   ES 500   FT-60R    
  DJ-S11T IC-T81A   EX 560 XLS   VC-24  
  DJ-S41T IC-T90   EX 600 XLS   VC-25  
  DJ-V17 IC-V85   XPR 6300   VR-120  
  DJ-V5T IC-91A   XPR 6500   VR-500  
  DJ-X2T IC-91AD   XPR 6550   VX-1R  
  DJ-X3 IC-92AD       VX-2R  
  AOR     Radio Shack   VX-5R  
  AR-16     HTX-200   VX-6R  
        HTX-245   VX-7R  
        HTX-400   VX-110  

If you do not see your radio here, go to our Leather Pouch Dimensions page for more options on leather or neoprene pouches

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