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or any time you want quick access to your equipment.

NEO Pouches

The ultimate protection for your digital camera! These wetsuit-grade neoprene cases are waterproof, and give the kind of cushioning that only closed cell neoprene can provide. Smooth steel belt clip won't slip off of your belt. Secure Velcro closure keeps your camera securely in place, but gives you instant access when you want it!  Available in Black or Can't-Lose-It Red.
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Glove Quality Leather Pocket Case


Leather: the feel of Quality that just improves over time. Our glove leather pouches are designed to protect your handheld electronics, protect it from scratches and dings, and look great for every occasion.

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The new tiny digital cameras are so small they can easily fit in your breast pocket. But... they can just as easily slip right out and crash to the pavement. For the small digital camera, this handsome leather case clips securely inside your shirt's breast pocket and gives you easy access to your camera without the fear of having it fall out when you lean over. The leather gives just enough friction to hold it securely in place, but not enough to prevent you from drawing it out with ease when you want to start snapping photos. Stylish. Secure. Smart.

Pocket Pro $19.95   ON SALE! $14.95


Gear Harness

When a daypack just doesn't give you the access you need to your digital camera, GPS, cell phone and maps, maybe it's time to re-think the way you carry your equipment. Why keep your gear on your back, when you really need it up front! We designed this GearHarness on a trip into the High Sierras. It seemed that we were always fumbling with the zippers and rummaging through other gear in the daypack to get the camera out for that wildlife shot or grab the GPS to mark a waypoint of a spot we wanted to record.

The GearHarness is a lightweight, bandolier-style chest harness, constructed with a tough nylon exterior with a layer of foam padding for cushioning. The mesh backing gives great ventilation and comfort. It features:


Three pockets for your camera, GPS, small binoculars, cell phone, PDA, extra batteries and memory cards, or other devices and accessories.


2 vertical pockets to hold pens or a small flashlight.


Large zippered pocket runs the width of the front of the harness for easy storage of maps, notes, or wide-storage items.


Snapped webbing loops along the shoulder strap offer versatile attachment points. You can hook on your sunglasses, clip your GPS handheld into the best antenna orientation, or attach whatever suits your needs.


Adjustable waist strap accommodates summer weather, or fits over your winter jacket:

Great way to carry your gear when you are hiking, biking, boating, climbing, hang gliding, or any activity where you would want quick access to your equipment.

Part# HM-33-G


Gear WalletHI-32 VX-1 ADI #2.jpg (66820 bytes)


The Gear Wallet is a padded, zippered pouch with a belt clip on one side, and extendable carrying strap on the side, lets you carry your handheld electronic devices, chargers  and a few accessories while traveling.

The Gear Wallet comes in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of devices. It is well constructed of padded, heavy-duty nylon with Radio-Wallet-closed-small-p.jpg (9564 bytes)all of the edges fully finished for strength and durability. When you look inside, you'll see that your days of scratched and rubbed equipment parts are at an end. There is a smooth padded divider pocket that separates the two halves of the case, giving you a way to protect all of your equipment. Put your device on one side, and the charger and cables on the other, and your important notes or small manual in the divider pocket in between. The case fits well in the hand. Both the small and the large Gear Wallet have adjustable hand straps. The small Gear Wallet has a sturdy spring-steel belt clip, covered in vinyl to protect your belt from scratches.



Our smallest Gear Wallet, designed especially for small devices, although it can also be a handy storage case for extra accessories, cell phones, or small electronics. Measuring 5"L x 2"H x 1"W, the Mini-Gear Wallet is constructed of a laminate of waterproof leatherette, foam padding, and a silky nylon interior. It makes a great compact traveling case.


Standard Gear Wallet
Part # HI-32 -G
7" x 4" x 2"
Price:    $29.95

Large Gear Wallet
Part # HI-36-G
10" x 4" x 2"
Price:    $34.95


Mini-Gear Wallet

Part # HI-V2-G
5" x 2" x 1"
Price:    $

                           Mini Gear Wallet



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