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PowerPort Customers in the Field

PowerPort packs, pouches, power supplies, and radio accessories are in use all over the planet. Let us know how you are putting our products to use in the field to make mobile communications easier and more effective.

Drop us and e-mail with your story, and pictures if you can, and we'll share it here, so that others can learn from your application and experiences.


Mayan WorldPack II

David Rosenthal: Writer, Photographer, Retired California National Guard Pilot, Astronomer, Adventurer

David Rosenthal is no stranger to setting up communications in remote and dangerous places. His long military career included a tour of Vietnam and service as a MEDEVAC helicopter pilot in Bosnia. He has traveled to Hungary, Venezuela, Paraguay and Mexico photographing astronomical events. , David used our WorldPack II on a trip to the Yucatan in Mexico in May of 2003. He is a regular contributor to QST magazine, and has featured our WorldPack in an his articles.

via e-mail
April 1, 2003

"The pack is great, as is the Gear Harness... I've already put the (ICOM-IC) 706 into the pack and adjusted the depth accordingly.  The accessory pouch at the bottom looks like it will serve very well for the external speaker, microphone, and cables.  More on this as I set it up.
Anyway, I'll continue setting this up and let you know how it goes."

May 29, 2003

"Just got back from the Yucatan trip and the pack worked out great!  On the way down, we used it to contain accessories (I put the 706 into my wife's carry-on since losing it would have been a show-stopper) and, once there, we used it to hold the whole portable station."


You can go to David Rosenthal's web page at to learn more about this extraordinary man and the wide-ranging impact that he has had, not only in his community, but throughout the world.




Photos courtesy of David Rosenthal 2003




Don't lose track, just because you lose power

Customer David Gibson sent us the e-mail and photos below showing his tracker setup with our 7 AH PowerPort TransPorter.

"The Powerport Transporter is working out great! Perfect size and I've been running a week now with no recharge. Here are the pictures of my tracker using the Powerport TransPorter. I have also added a page on my website: It's sure nice not having to recharge AA battery packs every night."
David Gibson KA5J

To see more about the details of the setup, go to David's website at:




photos courtesy of David Gibson, 2009


WorldPack on Wheels
pascal 4.jpg (53354 bytes)


Pascal Carrier (VE2 WHZ): founder of the
Quebec company "hamantenna"

Pascal took our original WorldPack on a Canadian expedition via bicycle. He found this pack to be a great way to carry communications gear on a bicycle. The narrow width of the pack keeps your arms in the clear, and the weight centered on your back.


pascal 2.jpg (31452 bytes)Pascal 1.jpg (51562 bytes)pascal 3.jpg (51370 bytes)








pascal 5.jpg (17484 bytes)

Pascal's Hamantenna DX-6M
You can learn more about Hamantenna products at

photos courtesy of Pascal Carrier, 2001


In-the-Swamp.jpg (56575 bytes)

Richard Steele of San Luis Obispo, California
" I'm a die-hard hiker and this pack is the best I've tried for bringing my FT-100 mountain topping in the Sierras. There is room for all of the essential gear that I need. It's a little detail, but I like the attachment webbing on the shoulder straps so I can keep my handheld in easy listening distance, so I can keep in close touch with my kids on the trail."

Photo courtesy of Richard Steele


NEO-on-the-DashMat.jpg (34772 bytes)




Alice McGuiness of Portland, Oregon

Alice gave us this excellent tip on how to turn the NEO pouch into a dashboard mounting system in your car. Her car has a "DashMat" on the dashboard. She simply pressed the Velcro hook portion of the NEO closure to the DashMat, and it clings tightly. It keeps the radio within sight, and within easy reach when a call comes in.

Thanks, Alice!


photo courtesy of Alice McGuiness



DXtreme software: Easily keep track of your logs, archives and QSL cards

This software has been recommended by our DX customers who like to work the HF bands.  DXtreme Software - writing radio specific software since 1995, produces powerful and easy-to-use logging applications for all kinds of radio enthusiasts - their software makes it simple and fun to enter loggings, record audio archives of the stations that you've worked or heard, and maintain a digital repository of your QSL cards. Check them out at


This page is all about you and how you put your PowerPort products to work (and play!)
If you have comments or innovative ideas on how to use one of our products,
drop us an e-mail (with a photo if possible) at

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