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Designed for emergency workers, but also a favorite of ski patrol and mountain rescue teams. This Radio ChestHarness is a full featured pack to carry the load while you work. Heavy duty woven nylon fabric. The chest-facing side is padded for comfort. The mesh backing keeps you cooler when you are working hard.

We are now offering an optional upgrade to the Chest Harness - the addition of a 6 Amp Hour lithium power supply that fits neatly into the front pocket of the harness A great combination of hands free access, and  lightweight, powerful lithium power  to energize your equipment in all weather conditions

The basic harness contains:
bulletPockets for two primary radios with secure, quick-release straps to provide fit for any height easy access to your radios  on either side, and a
bulletCentral pocket (6" x 5" x 2") can hold backup batteries, and accessories.
bulletElastic loops hold a flashlight beneath  the central pocket
bulletZipper runs the length of the side to give access to a full width 9" x 10" internal pocket to hold maps or small manuals.
bulletSix hold-down straps to keep your antenna secure, and provide a convenient place to clip on a speaker mic or a secondary radio.
bulletWaistband fits up to 50" girth.


Part # - HM-46
Price - $36.95

This includes only the chest harness itself. If you would like to add the
Lithium Power Supply, see the inclusive model below.    

Chest Harness / Compact PowerFlex
includes 6AH Lithium (LiFePO4) PowerFlex Power Supply

Radios and microphone are shown for application purposes only
and are not included in the pricing below.

Showing the fully loaded Chest Harness with
Compact PowerFlex 12V Lithium power supply in the front pocket, and radios stowed.


This chest harness is designed for hard field use, and when matched with the Compact Lithium PowerFlex, it provides the perfect blend of functionality. When weight and endurance are a priority,  the Compact PowerFlex 6 amp hour Lithium Iron Phosphate power supply keeps  your equipment fully operational for extended lengths of time with minimal added weight.

The Compact Lithium PowerFlex  includes a 6 amp hour lithium iron phosphate power supply that weighs only 14 ounces, with compact dimensions ( 4⅜" x 4" x 1⅜" ). comes with both a PowerPole connection and a DC cigar plug provide maximum connection options. a 3 amp automatic lithium fast charger is included. .

Chest Harness with Compact Lithium Powerflex
with a 3 amp Fast Charger:

Part # - HM-46LiF
Price - $246.90


Add a USB adapter for your DC outlet to expand your power options:

Part # - PD-USB
Price - $3.95


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Last modified: 03/12/2017
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