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12V Portable Rechargeable Power and Accessories
for Warehouse, Trade Show and Outdoor Events

12 V Power and Accessories

Our rechargeable, hand portable 12V power supplies can give you the mobility and cord-free flexibility to use and charge your electronic devices on mobile warehouse carts, in a trade show setting, or for outdoor events. Expand your options by having a portable power source right where you need it without a generator's cost, noise and hazards.
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PowerSafe 2002 by PowerPort - one of many AC/DC 12V rechargeable and portable power supplies available
PowerSafe 2002 - one of many AC/DC power options

AC / DC Portable Power Supplies
A variety of hand-portable AC / DC power supplies that provide up to 1000 Watts of rechargeable AC power with both lead acid gel cell and lightweight Lithium power sources that can go with you anywhere.
Great for warehouse inventory cart to power your laptop, zebra printer, and scanner. Trade shows:  Have power outlets where you need them! Run your projectors, laptop, and electronics without wires tripping up your customers.

PowerPort 312 - one of many 12V DC portable rechargeable power supplies available from 2 - 200 amps
PowerPort 312 - one of many DC power supplies offered

DC Power Supplies
When all you need is DC power, these hand-portable power supplies with with lead acid gel cell or Lithium power sources offer from 2 to 200 amps of clean DC power to run or recharge your electronics when you are away from conventional sources of power.


12 Volt Accessories & Parts
A variety of plugs, cords & chargers and controllers to maximize your battery's usefulness and longevity.  You will also find replacement parts for PowerPort power supplies.

Accessories, Packs, Cases and Harnesses

GearHarness leaves you hands free with easy access to all of your equipment

Packs, Cases and Gear Harness
Warehouse and trade show work require frequent transport of electronic equipment. Take a look at some of our packs, cases, and gear harnesses that will make your job easier.


Leather or Neoprene Pouches and Small Cases
Choose glove quality leather, or sturdy cushioned neoprene pouches to protect and carry your radio, phone, camera, PDA, or other handheld electronic device in high quality comfort and style.

Best-in-class collection of flashlights, spotlights, and headlamps for hands free lighting that keeps you safe and on-task in the dark.


Pocket Tools and Knives

View our hand picked collection of the very best in pocket tools and knives. The right tool makes every task easier.


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at 1-805-528-4190. Orders can be placed on line, or call our order desk anytime 24/ 7 at 1-831-427-8197. Thank you!

Last modified: 03/12/2017
Your site for mobile communications accessories, and full support for your electronics in the field. Packs, pouches, portable power supplies, solar recharging systems, 12 Volt accessories such as chargers, cords, cables, and power regulators. Accessories for your cell phone, Yaesu, ICOM, Kenwood, Standard, Alinco, ADI, AOR, RadioShack, Elecraft, Motorola radios, Garmin or Lawrence GPS and more! We support Emergency Response Teams, Amateur Radio operators, business people,, campers, astronomers, hang gliders, film crews, musicians, photographers, hobbyists, teachers, scientists, investigators, firemen cyclists, GPS farmers, International Aid groups...the list keeps growing. Let us know how we can support your mobile needs as well!