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Your site for the best in 12V portable, rechargeable AGM or Lithium-Iron power supplies,
packs and pouches for carrying communications equipment and mobile electronics,
and accessories to support mobile electronics in the field.

NEW!  Lithium Power Supplies
PowerPort Power Supplies are now offered with Lightweight Lithium batteries.

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Radio Communications Support
Mobile Power, Radio Accessories and Carrying Cases

-Hand Portable 12V AC/DC Rechargeable Power Supplies
-12V Accessories
-Radio pouches in leather or neoprene
-Gear Harness - Bandolier
-Radio Chest Harness
-WorldPack II with Power supply
-Radio Carry Cases
-Go-Box for Emergency Communications
-MORE -click on the link above to see our full list of products.


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Emergency Response Support
Mobile Power and Carrying Case Support
for Electronics and Communication Gear

-Hand Portable 12V AC/DC Rechargeable Power Supplies
-12V Accessories
-Gear Harness - Bandolier
-Radio Chest Harness
-Megaphones and Speakers
-Radio ManPack with Power supply
-MORE -click on the link above to see our full list of products.



Warehouse, Trade Shows, and Outdoor Event
Portable Power & Cases
Mobile Power Support for Electronics

-Hand Portable 12V AC/DC Rechargeable Power Supplies - up to 200 amps
-12V Accessories
-Gear Harness
-Chest Harness
-Carrying cases and phone/ camera pouches
-MORE -click on the link above to see our full list of products.

Recreation / Hobbyist Power & Accessories
Mobile Power and Carrying Case Support for Electronics

-Electronics pouches and cases
-Hand Portable 12V AC/DC Rechargeable Power Supplies
-12V Accessories
-Mobile Lighting
-MORE -click on the link above to see our full list of products.

Custom Desiged cases, packs, and pouches for electronic devices and power supplies.     

Business to Business
OEM Custom Design and Manufacture
Carrying Cases, Pouches and Harnesses

We offer full design through manufacturing services to create custom nylon or neoprene cases for your company's electronic equipment with the highest quality and best price. Minimum quantities apply.

Since 1990, PowerPort has been a pioneer in the design of portable 12V rechargeable power supplies and accessories to run and charge electronic equipment in the field.
We also specialize in the design of pouches and cases to comfortably carry your power supplies, electronic equipment and accessories.

We carry numerous accessories to support, not just the equipment, but the comfort and security of the people in the field; with mobile lighting, backpacks, GPS devices, mounting systems for electronics, wilderness first aid, or Pocket Tools, to name a few.

These are products designed by the people who use them. Communications specialists, emergency personnel, trade show sales staff, inventory control managers, wilderness explorers, scientists, avid hobbyists, and summer campers. Our goal is allow you to comfortably bring your equipment (and your toys) anywhere, at any time, with superior comfort and effectiveness.


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To serve you best, if you have a question, or need technical information, our tech desk is available Mon - Fri, 9AM - 4PM Pacific Standard Time,
at 1-805-528-4190. Orders can be placed on line, or call our order desk anytime 24/ 7 at 1-831-427-8197. Thank you!

Last modified: 03/12/2017
Your site for mobile communications accessories, and full support for your electronics in the field. Packs, pouches, portable power supplies, solar recharging systems, 12 Volt accessories such as chargers, cords, cables, and power regulators. Accessories for your cell phone, Yaesu, ICOM, Kenwood, Standard, Alinco, ADI, AOR, RadioShack, Elecraft, Motorola radios, Garmin or Lawrence GPS and more! We support Emergency Response Teams, Amateur Radio operators, business people,, campers, astronomers, hang gliders, film crews, musicians, photographers, hobbyists, teachers, scientists, investigators, firemen cyclists, GPS farmers, International Aid groups...the list keeps growing. Let us know how we can support your mobile needs as well!